Old Stone Corridor


Hello and welcome!

All of my books and short stories are available for download at Smashwords.com. They are totally free and–I hope–worthy of your time.

My first novel, Regions of Passion, is a fantasy piece inspired by two of my favorites in that field: Weaveworld and Imajica. Both were written by Clive Barker. If you love fantasy and you haven’t read those yet, why are you even here? Go find those titles now.

Novel number two is Crystal Grader. It’s a coming of age story about a preteen girl who falls in love with an older man–a man much too old for herself. But this girl simply doesn’t care, because she’s used to getting everything she wants out of life. So she goes straight after the guy and, needless to say, trouble ensues.

Novel number three is Splattered. A rambunctious teenaged girl is forced to do battle with vampire who’s down on his luck. This one is a comedy/horror.

Okay then. To quote Marty Di Bergi from his wonderful movie This Is Spinal Tap:  Enough of my yakkin’! What d’ya say? Let’s boogie!

Check out the poems and the blog inside. More to come soon!


p.s. thank you Shutterstock.com for the spooky image above!