April 30, 2017


Hello lads and lassies. Just back from an interview with Hap Pringle. Hap’s a good guy. We talked about a new children’s story I have floating around on the internet somewhere. Anyway, for the news…

Had a birthday on April 26th. I’m 46. Don’t really know how I’ve managed to stick around this long, but whatever. It’s cool. I don’t feel a day over 85.

As for presents, I got 10 cigars. Not bad at all, but that today is only the 30th and I’ve already smoked my way through them is a little disquieting. I like to sit outside and ruminate on…shit. I don’t chew a cud though. It’s a stogie.

Oh, I also got a new watch.


If you’ve also had or are having a birthday this month, I hope you make it a happy one. Stay real, stay cool, stay loose.