April 4, 2017


Hello everyone.  I’ve decided to open a news page just to keep this site’s three viewers up to date on what’s going on in my little world of literature and poetry and various other darings do.  The posts will be short and to the point.  First and foremost:

SplatteredgirlSplattered is my latest ebook.  It’s a juvenile delinquent speech about a girl forced to fight a terrible vampire.  Comedy-horror all the way.  I like to watch Quentin Tarentino and Eli Roth trailers, so thought, why not do a crazy story of my own?  It seems to have worked out fine, though downloads are few.  Get it for free right here, or here.  Oh and do leave a like or, even better, a review.

In related news, my 2014 novel Regions of Passion is receiving yet another patch.  Patience, patience!  It’s my first novel; thus, the growing pains are rampant.  I will bring this thing as close to perfection as possible.  Damnghostgirl the torpedoes.  Anyway, if you’re thinking of downloading (it’s also free), hold off until April 20.  A blog post should show up later this week or next to describe in more detail what changes I’m making.

And finally I want to add that Splattered will likely be my final ebook.  There’s no point putting a year’s worth of work into a project no one pays attention to.  With effort there must be returns.  It hasn’t happened with my books.  The original plan was to give my stuff away for free until a fan base developed.  Joke was on me.  Fans never came.  My biggest hit was Crystal Grader, but it’s hard to know why.  Maybe I just got lucky with the cover.  It’s got like 800 downloads on free-ebooks.net and 350 on Smashwords.  Even so, with all that, only 3 reviews came back.  That’s not economical.  Time to hang it up.

But hey, I still have this blog.  It shall push on.  You readers out there do the same for me, please.  Thanks for coming by.  Stay tuned right here for more.


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